Passenger vehicles

Passenger vehicles

GPS monitoring of personal vehicles

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For over 15 years, we have been providing comprehensive GPS vehicle monitoring solutions for personal vehicles. We install GPS devices in individual vehicles as well as corporate fleets.

We integrate location and driver/vehicle performance data with our proprietary application (mobile version: Android, iOS, and access through a web browser). From its interface, you can efficiently manage your fleet and generate automatic reports.

You increase the efficiency of your fleet
and optimize your budget.
You see the vehicle locations in real-time.

You have full control over their location and vehicle parameters
(if integrated with the CAN bus).

You leverage data from previous trips.

You correct inappropriate driving habits, choose suitable vehicles for your fleet at selected destinations.

You respond quickly to crisis situations.

Such as accidents or theft, leaving a designated zone, prolonged stops, fuel shortages, sudden braking, and speeding, starting the vehicle outside designated hours – SMS alerts.

You conveniently manage working hours and create automatic reports.

You generate reports tailored to your needs.

Thanks to the proprietary application, all data is at your fingertips.

The application is available on smartphones (Android, iOS) and through a web browser.

Data integration with the system (Fleet Management, ERP).

Through dedicated APIs, you can integrate selected data with your system (Fleet Management, ERP).

Anti-theft protection for personal vehicles from


  • You will be sure that the vehicle will not start even if there is an unauthorized takeover of the key or starting code.
  • Remote ignition cut-off capability.
  • You will be automatically notified of any attempted break-ins.
  • Prevention of GPS signal jamming.
  • Ask your insurer if the insurance for your car or fleet will be cheaper due to the implementation of a specialized anti-theft system.
Selected GPS monitoring data and application functionality
Budget under better control

Vehicle fleet management - system features

Monitoring the work of individual cars and the entire fleet of vehicles.
Exact vehicle location.
Designated driver's work area (with the possibility of triggering an alert).
Vehicle road card (places and duration of stops, distance and travel time).
Route planning and comparison.
Fuel level, mileage, and vehicle speed.
Reports on driver habits, e.g., Eco driving and driver working time.
Reports on sudden events: theft, fuel losses, unauthorized start-ups).

„We have been using the system for many years to monitor our fleet, mainly in Poland and Germany. We highly rate both the technical solutions (devices and software) and the commitment of the Advisors. Thanks to the implemented solutions, we have full control over vehicles and, most importantly, the ability to carry out cost optimization based on specific parameters of cars, drivers, and routes derived from reports.

We recommend as a reliable and professional partner".

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GPS monitoring
of passenger vehicles

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