About Us

About Us

Our mission is to provide comprehensive GPS vehicle and machinery monitoring solutions

tailored to the needs of customers and users.

We are the leading GPS monitoring company in Poland, contributing to the industry since its inception. For nearly two decades, we have been developing our proprietary technological ecosystem, supporting owners of fleets of passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as owners of construction and agricultural machinery. Our offering is directed at sectors and industries where ongoing monitoring of vehicle parameters, personnel work, route optimization (budget), and above all, the safety of individuals and transported cargo play a crucial role.

15 years on the market
30,000 objects
30,000 objects
Proprietary system
Proprietary system
5,000 customers
5,000 customers

Our company's locations


At widziszwszystko.pl, we bring together the expertise of many interdisciplinary teams. The headquarters is located in Gorzów Wielkopolski along the S3 route (7 km from the center of Gorzów Wlkp.) – equipped with office, creative, and social space, as well as assembly halls and logistics area. Additionally, our company has a branch in Kielce.

In addition to our experienced team, it is our operational infrastructure that sets us apart from other entities in this industry. Thanks to this investment, we can offer our services at an even higher level.


IT Team and technologies


Since the beginning, a crucial element of our organizational structure has been the IT Department, comprising both front-end and back-end developers, testers, and system administrators. In developing solutions, we utilize the latest versions of programming languages and frameworks. The applications we create are maintained in long-term support versions (LTS), ensuring not only high-security standards but also facilitating seamless adaptation of the system to current data exchange standards with external systems (API).

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widziszwszystko.pl was one of the first companies in Poland to receive approval from the Head of the National Tax Administration to connect its proprietary IT system and devices to the latest e-TOLL program. Currently, our company's services go far beyond the e-TOLL system.

Individual vehicle owners, companies, municipal enterprises, and institutions have access to comprehensive implementation services – from consulting and projects to device installation and integration with the reliable widziszwszystko.pl application. Our mobile application has been downloaded (from Google Play and the App Store) by almost 500,000 users.


Environmental care is an integral part of our services


Given the increasing concern for our planet, minimizing the impact of transportation on the environment becomes a top priority. In this context, our company focuses on providing GPS technology-based solutions that combine innovation with ecology from the start.

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Mobile application (Android or iOS) or an application accessible through a web browser. widziszwszystko.eu

Devices and software

Key data always at your fingertips

With our application, you can observe and gather a range of data (including vehicle and driver location and working time, fuel consumption, sudden incidents, stops) from a single vehicle as well as a fleet consisting of multiple transport units or equipment (such as construction and agricultural machinery). Its interface is designed for maximum convenience and work efficiency.

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If you have entered into an agreement with our representative, simply download the mobile application (Android or iOS) or log in to the system through the website.