Construction machinery

Construction machinery

GPS monitoring of construction machinery and equipment

(excavators, backhoe loaders, dump trucks, rollers, compactors, generators)

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Knowledge about the current location of your construction equipment and machinery and the area they are operating in is invaluable. With the system, you secure your machines and vehicles against theft. Using our application (smartphone and web access), you can outline on the map the time and area of your equipment's work.

If discrepancies or an attempt to start the vehicle occur, for example, outside designated working hours, you will receive an SMS notification. Integration with the vehicle's CAN bus and/or a fuel probe allows reporting on various parameters (fuel consumption, fuel level, temperature, average speed, and revolutions).

Our solution has been implemented in over 30,000 units (vehicles and construction machinery). For over 15 years, we have been delivering comprehensive GPS monitoring solutions for various industries.

Owners of construction companies and equipment fleet
managers often point out the benefits:
  • I know where the equipment is and how long it's being used (working time and location visible on the map, as well as SMS notifications).
  • I gain additional protection against theft (anti-theft solution related to machine activation).
  • I can define a zone in which machines and equipment operate (leaving the zone triggers an SMS with an event notification).
  • The same monitoring device can be installed in other machines (flexibility and subscription cost savings).
  • All information is at my fingertips - I can see it on my smartphone (intuitive application interface).
  • Continuous support and technical assistance from specialists.
Monitoring the work

of individual vehicles and drivers, as well as multiple units.

Precise location

of machinery or vehicle.

Designated machine work area

(with the possibility of triggering an alert).

Vehicle road card

parking locations and their durations, distance, and travel time.

Working time control

You remotely download Tachograph, Driver Cards, and tachograph files. Reports and time charts.

Detailed reports

Containing a variety of information related to the work of the machine/vehicle and driver (e.g., ECO DRIVING, sudden events: theft, fuel losses, unauthorized activation).

Implementation of GPS monitoring

We are a pioneer and leader in GPS monitoring. For over 15 years, we have been attentive to the needs of our customers. We invest in the most effective technical solutions, which are used on numerous construction sites throughout Poland.

We install monitoring devices

in the specified vehicle or machinery.

Depending on the type of monitoring (e.g., location only or detailed vehicle parameters retrieved from the CAN bus), installation takes between 10 to 40 minutes. The devices are resistant to shocks, dirt, and water.

Initiation: GPS position sensors

receive signals from GPS satellites, allowing for precise determination of the location of vehicles and construction machinery. Simultaneously, if we retrieve data from the CAN bus (including fuel consumption and level, average speed, driver working time, temperature) or a fuel probe, we transmit this data to the application.

Automatic connection to the application

available on your smartphone or through the website (Your individual login and password).


Comprehensive support from Our Technical Advisors


An integral part of our monitoring service is comprehensive support from our Technical Advisors, IT Department, and Sales Representatives.

You receive commitment and a guarantee of support

"We decided to install GPS monitoring on our machines after the disappearance of a screw compressor from the construction site. We lost tens of thousands of zlotys, not counting the work we couldn't complete. It was a turning point to equip our machines with GPS. The company advised us on choosing solutions, and I evaluate our cooperation very positively. The same person has been in contact with our company for 5 years, so they know our needs very well".

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GPS monitoring of machinery
and construction equipment

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