Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles

GPS locator for electric vehicles

(personal transport devices: scooters, bicycles, electric scooters)

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We give you even more freedom and security. Utilize a system that you can use to locate a single bicycle, scooter, or electric scooter, or manage a fleet of multiple electric vehicles. All data is always at your fingertips, visible in the free mobile application (Android, iOS), or accessible through the web browser. You can see your vehicle and its parameters along with the ride history on the interactive Google map.

Over 5,000 customers use our services, monitoring over 30,000 vehicles. Choose what's proven.

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Your benefits:


  • You can see the location of your vehicle on an interactive map in the mobile application.
  • Plan the optimal route considering electric battery consumption.
  • Plan the best routes and compare them at any time.
  • Monitor the number of kilometers and vehicle history.
  • Set an alert (SMS, PUSH) if your vehicle is outside the designated area.
  • Increase your safety and that of your loved ones or clients (vehicle loss, theft, or accidents).
  • Our team is always ready to assist you.
Vehicle location
Designated driving zone
(SMS, PUSH) alerts
Battery level
Route planning
Free mobile application

GPS vehicle monitoring
for the tourism industry


  • Effective anti-theft protection.
  • Real-time information on the current location, routes, and usage of vehicles.
  • Alerts related to leaving the designated area.
  • Remote monitoring of the electric battery status and vehicle speed.
  • The same GPS device can be installed in various vehicles (investment optimization).

GPS vehicle monitoring
for cities


A smart city is characterized, among other things, by high mobility (extensive public transportation, widely used electric vehicles of various categories), a technological environment, and, most importantly, functional diversity - tailored to residents' preferences.

Thanks to solutions provided by widziszwszystko.pl, city residents can safely share their vehicles (Sharing Economy) and actively contribute to improving the quality of life (clean air, greater mobility, cost savings, safety).

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GPS monitoring of
electric vehicles

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“My electric scooter is my primary means of transportation in Wrocław. I have about 6 km from home to work, and the average travel time is 24 minutes. This gives me freedom (I don't wait at bus stops). I sometimes lend the scooter to friends and park it in different places. Monitoring the scooter combined with the mobile app is a great thing because at any moment, I know what's happening with my equipment – where it is, what the battery level is, and I worry less about theft because the scooter is specially marked and also registered with the police vehicle registry. I recommend widziszwszystko.pl as an expert in GPS monitoring".