Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery

GPS monitoring of agricultural machinery

(tractors, combine harvesters, planters, mowers, seeders, sprayers, and others)

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You know best what your farm needs. Likely, calculating and cost estimation is part of your daily routine. We offer you a tool that allows you to see even better where and when you can save on machine and human working time (if you delegate tasks), diesel fuel, and equipment operation.

The GPS transmitter is installed very efficiently (our Technical Advisor will handle it), and importantly, it can be installed ("transferred") to different machines – the entire system is very flexible and proven.

Over 5,000 customers have trusted us, overseeing over 30,000 vehicles and machines throughout Poland. We have been involved in GPS monitoring for 15 years.

Key Benefits of Using
GPS monitoring in agriculture
  • You see the location of the agricultural machine and the area it is working on.
  • If you delegate tasks (e.g., plowing or spraying), you can precisely see how long the person you assigned the task to operates the machine.
  • You always have up-to-date information on fuel consumption and fuel level in the tank.
  • You protect yourself against unauthorized use of your equipment, misuse, and theft.
  • At any time, you can connect any number of vehicles and machines to the system.
  • Free access to the application, which is constantly being improved.
  • Free continuous support and assistance from our specialists.
Selected GPS monitoring data and application functionality
Budget under better control

Selected GPS monitoring data and application functionality

Vehicle location
Designated machine work area (SMS alert, PUSH)
Working time control
Fuel consumption
Technical support from
Anti-theft protection

„My farm covers a total of 95 hectares. I cultivate wheat, rye, and barley. I have been breeding pigs for 20 years. In the farm, we have several permanent employees, and additionally, we lend machines with our people for other fields—mostly tractors with equipment and a combine harvester. Thanks to GPS, I know how long and on which field my equipment is working. It helps with settlements. Considering the price of a tractor or combine, the expense for two GPS devices is not a cost but a gain.

I am satisfied with the cooperation with I rate it highly. The device installation and overall setup took about 1 hour. The monitoring works flawlessly.

I recommend it".

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GPS monitoring of
agricultural machinery

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