January 12, 2024

How to recover money for completing a loading order?

More than one transport company has struggled or will struggle with dishonest contractors. The most common problem relates either to the lack of control over the transactions carried out after reaching the destination or recovering money for the loading order. Finding out how such a situation came about and claiming your rights always brings a solution.

When the contractor changes their mind …

Contrary to what it may seem, such situations are quite frequent – you are waiting for loading, the goods are already going to the indicated place or have already been delivered to the recipient, and suddenly it turns out that the contractor has canceled the order and states that they will not pay. In such a situation, it is possible to effectively enforce the repayment of receivables, however, it will be necessary to use the help of a professional – and therefore a debt collection company. However, we believe that prevention is better than cure, so we suggest you find out how to avoid such situations.

How to prevent unfair practices?

Unfair practices of contractors are quite common, so it is worth protecting yourself against them. Before you decide to cooperate with a specific company, trust it and send the goods to the indicated place, read some reviews about it. You can ask your colleagues from the industry about them, and also have a good look at the enterprise by researching it on the Internet. It will also be important to thoroughly verify the company’s data, i.e. to check its authenticity. Two institutions will prove to be helpful here: the National Court Register and the Central Register and Information on Business Activity.

An additional form of protection

The solutions we propose will also contribute to ensuring the safety of loading. For 12 years we have been designing and implementing vehicle fleet tracking systems dedicated to transport companies. They provide full control over passenger cars, trucks and delivery vans. As a fleet manager, you have full access into how the driver behaves, what is happening with the car and where he is located. It is also a way to ensure proper safety of transport to the carried load, as well as to prevent any irregularities resulting from unfair behaviour of contractors, e.g. during unloading.